Gift Cards for party and event rentals for weddings and birthday fun. They can be used on any of our rental items! Cardables, tables, movie theater rentals and event party tents. Combine any dollar amount and we will mail or email you the certificate for your next event!

Select the value you wish to purchase below, the date you would like it delivered by and a delivery address.  We will contact you with a quote to validate and deliver your gift card as requested.

If you would like to check your balance on an existing card please click here

Interested in viewing our inventory, search for rentals on our request a quote page

Some information about our gift cards:

Retailer gift cards are free to consumers because the issuing merchant benefits most when customers come into the store and redeem their gift cards.

  • Can the card be reloaded?   Yes, you can.  You can  email us and we can make arrangements to add to your card.
  • How much is the activation fee and the reload fee?  No fee
  • In what ways can you reload the card? Email or, in person?
  • Is customer service provided? Absolutely reach out to us here
  • What happens if the card is lost or stolen?  Treat the card as cash.  If you let us know we can cancel the card.
  • How much will a replacement card cost? Free
  • Is there an expiration date? No
  • Are there non-use or dormancy fees if the card is inactive? No
Gift Card Picture