Cotton Candy Machine Rental

Through a combination of high heat and centrifugal force the gift of cotton candy is created. The origins of cotton candy trace back centuries. . Back then, chefs melted and spun sugar manually. However, the cotton candy we know and love today didn’t make its debut till the 19th century. Who introduced this sugary treat, a dentist named Dr. William Morrison created cotton candy. In 1897, Dr. Morrison teamed up with candy maker, John C. Wharton, and invented a machine that heated sugar in a spinning bowl, which had several tiny holes in it. The sugar in the hot, spinning bowl caramelized and made its way through the holes thereby turning the melted sugar into light strands. In 1904, the two inventors introduced their machine and fun snack at the St. Louis World’s Fair and sold 68,000 boxes over 6 months.

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Our new Cotton Candy Machine available to rent. For the duration of the summer All Celebrations will be able to prepare Cotton Candy for all backyard party needs! Want to get started on your cotton candy machine rental?. Simply click on our Rental Catalogue, Search for cotton candy and submit the machine and any supplies you need. We will email you a quote back and you can complete your order from the comfort of your home.

Check out the full history of cotton candy here!

Zac whipping up a batch of cotton candy.
Zac Cripps working the cotton candy machine
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