Cardables – Yard Signs

We have introduced our #cardables yard signs to help everyone share their celebrations! Whether a milestone birthday, anniversary, retirement, announcement or simply want to spread some cheer you can order #cardables by All Celebrations!

cardable picture
yard signs

We set this product up to be entirely contactless. 1) You simply complete the handy info form here: Order Your Cardable Here

2) We will email you a quote from our awesome GoodShuffle software.

3) Review your quote and pay via e-transfer to

4) We will be out the morning of your celebration installing your #cardable

5) We will return after dusk to retrieve your #cardable

Enquire about our rent 2 get 25% off the third and/or our neighbourhood discount if there are multiple celebrations on your street we discount the delivery charge.

During COVID-19 we are providing a reduced delivery and pickup charge this will be reflected in your quote.

One more tidbit, all of our quotes come with our standard rental contract, it is a scary legal document… Through delivery of more than 150 #cardables we have not had a single instance of damage or theft. We are responsible for the risk associated with weather (because we install), and if you have concerns about theft we are able to deliver and pickup during daylight hours.

pictures of cardable yard signs
Please note our yard sign packages start at $125 +HST including delivery, setup and pickup. Additional delivery charges may apply depending on the setup location, however we have significantly discounted our normal delivery rates due to COVID-19. We deliver and install between 6:30 and 8:00am and Pickup after 8:00pm.